1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In handling personal information, Fast Fitness Japan, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “FFJ”) complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other laws, regulations and guidelines concerning protection of personal information, and this Privacy Policy.

Please read this Privacy Policy first before using Anytime Fitness and other services operated by FFJ. By continuing to use FFJ’s services, you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Handling Business Operator certificate displayed at:
Shinjuku i-LAND WING 6 Chome-3-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Fast Fitness Japan, Inc.
Kiyoaki Yamabe President

2. Definition of Personal Information

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” shall mean information concerning any living individual, and falling under any of the following items.

  1. (1) Information containing names, dates of birth or other descriptions, etc., whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual)
  2. (2) Information including individual identification codes

3. Acquisition of Personal Information

When acquiring your personal information, FFJ will use fair and appropriate means, specifying the purposes of use in advance, obtaining your consent, and acquiring personal information only to the necessary extent required to achieve those purposes, excluding where exceptional handling is permitted by law. Personal information acquired by FFJ shall be as follows.

  1. (1) Name, age, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, place of work, emergency contact, family structure, e-mail address, and ID photo.
  2. (2) Bank account number for the payment or the refund of the membership fees.
  3. (3) Access history to each club, images of security cameras on the premises.
  4. (4) Information on documents that can certify proof of identity such as driver’s license, passport, or health insurance card presented by the member at joining the club.
  5. (5) Information on the identity certificates of members that is requested to present in the event that each club deems it necessary, and information that is obtained by recording or photocopying Resident Certificates.
  6. (6) Items that are required to fill in when members take individual lectures and schools.

4. Shared Use of Personal Information

After acquiring your personal information as provided for under Article 3 (Acquisition of Personal Information) and storing it at its clubs, FFJ may, after sharing your personal information within FFJ, which is responsible for management of your personal information, make shared use of your personal information with the following entities, within such necessary extent as required to achieve the purposes of use provided for under Article 6 (Use of Personal Information).

  1. (1) Anytime Fitness Japan franchise (Fast Fitness Japan Inc.)
  2. (2) Master franchiser (Anytime Fitness, LLC)
  3. (3) Branches of each Anytime Fitness

5. Delegation of Personal Information

In order to carry out business smoothly and provide better services to customers, FFJ may delegate the handling of personal information provided by customers jointly to following group.

  1. (1) Portal-Link Inc.(SOFIA)
  2. (2) Fit Cloud Technology Ltd. (
  3. (3) JACCS CO., LTD.
  4. (4) JACCS Payment Solutions CO., LTD.
  5. (5) Transaction Services Group Ltd.
  6. (6) The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited.

FFJ may delegate the credit card payment of the member at joining the club, etc. to Stripe Japan, Inc., DG Financial Technology, Inc. and GMO Payment Gateway, Inc(collectively “the credit card payment agency”). In that case, customers may be asked to provide personal information by the credit card payment agency. However, FFJ won’t possess any such personal information.

6. Use of Personal Information

FFJ will use your personal information only within the extent of the following purposes of use, and will not use it for purposes beyond that scope, excluding with your personal agreement or where permitted by law.

  1. (1) Identification procedures for members
  2. (2) Notification and information about the events or services available by FFJ or each club for members after joining the club
  3. (3) Charge the usage fees for each club facilities
  4. (4) Any contacts from FFJ or each club or responding to inquiries.
  5. (5) Improvement and enhancement of the quality of services provided by FFJ or each club to its members.
  6. (6) Other purposes related to the above purposes in this article.

FFJ will change the purposes of use for personal information only when the new purposes of use are found to be reasonably connected with the purposes of use prior to the changes. When changes are made to the purposes of use, FFJ will inform or announce the purposes of use after the changes by FFJ’s prescribed method.

7. Management and Protection of Personal Information

When handling personal information, FFJ appoints a person in charge of management to maintain the accuracy of personal information retained based on notifications from you, etc., to conduct strict and appropriate management, and endeavor to prevent leaks to external parties. FFJ will also implement an appropriate and reasonable level of organizational, physical, human, and technical safety measures to protect personal information against risks such as unauthorized access by external parties, loss, destruction or falsification. FFJ will dispose of or delete personal information without delay once the purposes of use are achieved.

8. Restriction on Third Party Provision

FFJ will not provide or disclose any personal information to any third party without your consent, except with your prior consent or when required by law or regulations.

9. Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Deletion, Suspension of Use and Erasure of Personal Information

If you wish to request confirmation or correction, etc., regarding your personal information that we retain, or records of provision to third-parties, please contact us via the telephone number listed under Article 14 (Contact for Inquiries) below. When you request confirmation or correction, etc., of your personal information, FFJ will investigate as necessary without delay, and respond promptly to such extent as reasonable and necessary based on the results of the investigation. When performing these procedures, we may ask to verify that you are the person in question. In addition, please note that fees may be charged.

10. Security Management Measures

FFJ will strictly manage your personal information, and take strict and appropriate preventive and safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, etc., and endeavor to prevent such risks. FFJ will not use your personal information by inappropriate means, such as encouraging illegal or wrongful acts.

11. Supervision of Contractors

When using your personal information, FFJ may entrust personal information to a third party, within the extent of legitimate use. FFJ will obligate and supervise contractors to strictly manage personal information.

12. Review

FFJ will comply with Japanese laws, regulations and other norms applicable to the personal information it retains, and revise, change and improve the above articles as necessary. When making changes to this Privacy Policy, FFJ will deem the policy to have changed when such changes are announced on this page.

13. Disclaimer

Although FFJ’s website contains links to external websites, FFJ will not be held responsible for the protection of personal information on external websites.

14. Contact for Inquiries

Shinjuku i-LAND WING 6 Chome-3-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Fast Fitness Japan, Inc.
Customer Service Office
Business hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00
*excluding end-of-year / New Year holidays