How were you founded?
We were founded in May 2010 to expand Anytime Fitness, a machine-focused 24-hour fitness club, in Japan.
Anytime Fitness has been operated worldwide, mainly in the United States, by Anytime Fitness, LLC. of the United States.
Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen, who are co-founders of Anytime Fitness, LLC. in the United States, started with a simple question, “What is a really good fitness club for us, the general consumer?” In 2002, they opened the ideal club for them in Minneapolis in the United States.
The concept of “What a new fitness club should be” proposed by Anytime Fitness quickly appealed to general consumers in the United States, and the number of clubs increased following the opening of the first club in Minneapolis. The number of clubs reached the 2,000 milestone in 2012, only ten years after the opening of the first club. Three years later in 2015, the company had opened more than 3,000 clubs in 22 countries.

Eight years after the first club was opened in the United States, the number of clubs was about to reach 2,000, with many in the United States and Australia. Because the entry into the Asian market was essential for further expansion, Anytime Fitness, LLC. began to look for a partner in Japan, with the belief that they would be unable to succeed in Asia without succeeding in Japan.
Having obtained this information, we approached Anytime Fitness, LLC. As a result, we were selected as a partner who could work together with Anytime Fitness, LLC. to achieve “Get to a Healthier Place!” the global philosophy of Anytime Fitness. In June 2010, we signed a master franchise agreement with Anytime Fitness, LLC. and then in July established wholly owned subsidiary AFJ Project, Inc. to manage the directly operated clubs.
In October 2010, we opened the first Anytime Fitness club in Chofu-shi, Tokyo, and began to expand, opening new clubs. The number of Anytime Fitness clubs we had opened reached 100 in October 2015 and exceeded 500 in March 2019. By April 2020, we had opened clubs in all of the 47 prefectures of Japan. The number of gyms exceeded  gyms exceeded 1000 in March 2022, which is our most recent achievement.
More information is available on our Corporate History page.
On which stock market is your stock listed?
We went public on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) on December 16, 2020, and the listing of our stock was transferred to the First Section of the TSE on December 27, 2021.And then moved to the Prime Market through TSE’s market restructuring in April 2022.
What is your securities code?
It is 7092.
When do you announce your financial results?
Our fiscal year-end is March 31 of each year, and the interim period ends on September 30. We announce our financial results in May and November. We also disclose our quarterly financial performance.
When is the record date for dividend payment?
The year-end dividend record date is March 31. When we pay interim dividends, their record date is September 30.
Do you have a shareholder benefit program?
No, we don’t at present.
What is the number of shares per unit of stock?*
It is 100 shares. *One unit is one trading unit of shares of stock.
What procedures should we take for stock transfer, address change, or other similar matters?
For the various procedures related to stock, please contact the securities company where you have your account.
Where can we check your past financial performance?
Please see the Summary of Financial Statements and Annual Securities Report posted on our website.
When do you hold the general meeting of shareholders?
We hold the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders within three months of the end of each fiscal year. We inform the people that are registered as the Company’s shareholders as of March 31 each year of the time, date, and venue of the meeting in early June.
How can we exercise our voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders?
We send the notice of convocation of a general meeting of shareholders and the voting form to our shareholders who are listed in the shareholder registry as of the record date for general meetings of shareholders (as of March 31 in the case of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders). You can exercise your voting rights through either of the following methods:
(1) Participating in the general meeting of shareholders by bringing the voting form with you.
(2) Filling in the voting form to express whether you are for or against the agenda items and returning the form to us.